BRFC/Bearface Design is Jon Johnson.

Jon is a self-taught graphic designer and screen-printer operating in Kitchener, Ontario.

Under the name Bearface Design, Jon designs everything from Logos to Gigposters, to Wedding Invitations, to whatever you can think of. Jon is always looking for new challenges, so please get in touch!

As BRFC, Jon takes his designs and puts ink to paper, or fabric, or cork, or whatever medium will take it. What began as a project to customize his own handkerchiefs has become an outlet to create items for everyone to enjoy. If you have a shop and are interested in wholesaling BRFC goods, we'd love to hear from you.

Selected client list

BRFC/Bearface Design has had the privilege of designing materials or logos for a number of great clients, including:

• Arch Brewing Co. 

• Centre in the Square

• Cheeses Murphy

• Dear Photograph

• Descendants Beer & Beverage Co.

• The City of Kitchener

• The Princess Cafe

• Taco Farm

• The City of Waterloo

• Whiting Design